Monday, March 16, 2009


We had an unexpected visitor to our little bungalow on Friday.....

.....unexpected and unwelcome.

A mouse!

All you need to know is this:

*I was/am 100% freaked out.

(picture me literally tip toeing around our entire house checking every room before walking in)

* I was not so upset that we were heading out of town on Saturday morning and therefore would not be spending our weekend with the little critter.

(unfortunately my madre and pops were staying with Matilda so they got to spend some quality time with "the visitor")

* Thank God for my pops....he was kind of enough to purchase and setup some traps.

Last night Stone and I were sitting around (me reading, him watching usual) when it happened.


We turned to each other and both blurted out, "I feel bad!" We are officially mouse killers. My eyes got a little misty and Stone had the unpleasant task of cleaning the scene of the crime.

I called my dad to tell him about "the snap" and my guilty conscience. He chuckled at me and asked, "would you rather live with a mouse?"


(hopefully news travels fast in the mouse world and any of our "visitors" friends will be warned that unless their name is Mickey and they have a gal pal named Minnie they are NOT welcome at our house.)

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