Friday, March 27, 2009

Seven Loves:

Saskia shot me a sweet award....Thank you little lady!

TO DO: list seven things I love and pass it on to other bloggers that put a smile on my face.

Other than the obvious loves (family, friends and The Bitch) I love:

1. Falling asleep in the sun. There is something so delicious about falling asleep with the sun beaming down on me while a warm breeze passes over. (note: said "falling asleep in the sun" is even more awesome if done on a beach)

2. Lolita Lempicka Parfume......I wore this on my wedding day and love love love it! It's feminine without smelling like a giant bouquet of flowers. I switch between Lolita Lempicka and MARC JACOBS, but every time I wear Lolita it makes me think of my wedding day and I smile.

3. dining alfresco....Seriously, is there anything better than a lazy Saturday lunch in the sunshine????

4. Books.....the smell, the feel, the look...EVERYTHING. My house is chalk full of books (every shelf, most every table/nightstand) that I have read. Friends and family know not to loan me a book if they want it back, I'm notorious for adding borrowed books to my collection! I don't do it to be mean I just can't bare the thought of parting with a book I love!

I dream of owning my own tiny bookstore. I will fill it with love and happiness. My customers will feel at home and the little kiddos will curl up in the cozy reading corner with their favorite story and a cup of cocoa.

5. Chips and's a problem

6. doesn't matter if it is a pack of gum, I LOVE SURPRISE GIFTS! That sounds sort of spoiled and bratty but I promise I'm neither (well maybe slightly spoiled but most certainly not rotten). For the most part the surprises I love are food. ha! Example: One day Stone popped by my office to drop off a fruit smoothie. I thought I had died and gone to made my day (who am I kidding, it made my WEEK!)

7. "family heirlooms" .....I put this in quotes because really the things being passed down in our family might not have a lot of monetary value but they have tons of sentimental value. I love the practice of keeping something no matter the size or value (ex: I have an apron of my Great Grandmothers hanging in my kitchen) in the family for generations to come.

Most prized "heirlooms": two rings from my Grandma Harriett. She gave each granddaughter a ring before she passed (which actually are heirlooms...passed down from her sisters). The second ring she gave me is worth nothing, she couldn't even remember where she got it, but it meant the world to me. I remember her wearing it when I was growing up and always thinking it looked like a spider web on her finger. She gave it to me a year before she died. I wore it every day, it was my "something old" for the wedding. A few months after the wedding the ole thing decided it was time to retire, the band on the inside of my hand snapped. I took it to the jeweler who Stone got my engagement ring from and begged him to fix it but he said the silver was so thin there, from years of wearing it (both by my grandma and me), that it would just keep snapping. He sweetly suggested I stow it away in a safe place and smile at the memory of her every time I look at it. It now rests on my nightstand in my jewelry box. I see it every morning when I get ready and every morning I think of her.

(note: before the ring had to "retire" my niece Laney was staring at it on my finger one afternoon. She asked me where I got it and I told her the whole story. She got a look of concern on her face and was quiet for a few minutes. She then casually stated, "I like it a lot....So, is that the sort of thing that you would pass down when you die???" I almost peed my pants laughing and told her I was happy to hear she was waiting for me to kick the bucket!)

Passing on to: Andrea, Leslie and Which Goose


Saskia said...

I loved reading about things you love, especially about the spiders web ring - what wonderful moments that ring has been through :)

Have a great weekend xx

nokomis said...

Great list!