Monday, March 9, 2009

day dreamin.....

There is a song I love to listen mind never fails to wander when I hear it.

It's a little diddy by Priscilla Ahn, and it sets my mind at ease.

It's summer, one of those perfect slow days, not one cloud in the sky. My mom has taken us down to the neighborhood swimming pool and to our amazement and joy we are the only ones there. The pool is icy cold (this is old school, no heater for us kiddos) I know the best way to get in is to just run and JUMP! The cold water takes my breath away at first, but then the shock wears off and I feel.......alive.

I do a couple flips (backward and forward), I practice my handstands and maybe swim a lap to see how far I can go in one breath. Eventually I just float. The sun shines down on me. The cool water bumps up against my face and makes my long sun bleached hair fan out around me. I can hear my brother doing canon balls in the deep end, the waves from his jumps hit me a few seconds later....rocking me like a sweet lullaby.

Summers by the pool....I will happily let my mind wander back there anytime.

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Saskia said...

Playing in the pool as a child is the best fun ever... somehow I just can't waste the same amount of time swimming, floating and playing as I used to!