Monday, March 16, 2009

hello awesome's nice to meet you!

Tonight was an all around bitchin night!

Allow me to recap:

I had to run a (work related) errand this afternoon and whilst driving around town, with my sunroof open, it occurred to me that Stone and I needed to eat food prepared on a grill.

A call was placed. A "hells yeah" was given (to grilling) and I was headed towards the grocery to procure the needed fixins.

In walks a tasty steak and steak fries....FYI: said steak fries were made ON THE GRILL using the cutest little Pampered Chef grill basket (thank you Madre!).

Dinner made....check! Eat dinner.....check! Listen to feel good tunes while eating tasty dinner....check!

After dinner a walk was definitely in order. It's almost a crime to not spend such a beautiful (67 degree) March evening outdoors!

What did we take on our walk, other than Matilda the spunkiest dog in town? Why none other than a tasty Sam Adams Hefeweizen of course!

(yes, we are "those people" who walk their dog with beer in hand...don't judge until you have tried it)

An unexpected visit was made to friends down the street. I must say, I do enjoy living walking distance to my feels so cozy!

Upon our arrival home we watched what could be one of the funniest episodes of "How I Met Your Mother"....which by the way if you don't watch, START RIGHT NOW. Pure hilarity.

So that sums up my happy little evening. Good food, good brew, good company and my main squeeze by my side.

Life is good.


Saskia said...

Your evening sounds just PERFECT!!! Isn't it wonderful to have warmer weather again (finally)?! It's a gorgeous day here today and I'm going to make the most of it by not wearing my coat out on my lunchbreak, woohoo!!

Saskia x

Aunt J-ha said...

I'm reading this a couple weeks late, but must comment...Totally agree, How I met your Mother, just might be the best show on TV. And watching them hide the pregnancies of Colbie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan the last few weeks has added a new funny element.