Monday, March 9, 2009

Grilling Goodness....

Here in the (sometimes) great state of Indiana, the weather is a bit of a joke.

One day it will be 10 degrees and snowing. The next it will be 68, sunny and beautiful.

That's Indiana for ya!

This past weekend was 68 (possible 70) sunny and absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

I woke up early on Saturday to skip off to a hair appointment. I love having a morning appointment! Amber, my stylist, (yes, I call her "my stylist" makes me feel important) does all the work for me. When I leave the salon I am ready for the day.

After my appt. a call was placed to Miss Katie Jean and I headed over to her place to swoop her up.

We spent the afternoon strolling through shops in Zionsville (I also got my rings cleaned...BLING! BLING! so sparkly now) then we headed east towards mi casa.

It was determined lunch was in order so we tried something new, Cafe Nora.

It was a lovely lunch, I must tell you. Great convo, nice atmosphere and I think decent food/wine.

***Due to the plague that I am currently infested with I lack the sense of smell and the ability to taste anything. Katie Jean and I both got a bowl of tomato basil soup, a glass of "interesting red wine" and we split the spinach artichoke dip.

(the menu had a list of "interesting red wines" can we not try one out to verify just how interesting it is?)

Here is how the eating/drinking portion of our lunch went:

(server sets two glasses of "interesting red wine" in front of us...and we both take a sip)

Court: How's it taste?

Katie: It's OK....kind of bland.

Court: Seems like it has a bit of a kick or spice to it???

Katie: Yeah, that's about it. You taste the spice and then nothing.

(server places bowls of soup in front of us and we both sample it)

Court: How's it taste?

Katie: It's OK. I think it needs a little cheese on top. I'm going to ask for some grated Parmesan.

Court: Ooooh, me too. (knowing full well I won't be able to taste that either)

(server places hot spinach artichoke dip & grilled flat bread in front of us...again, we both sample it)

Court: How's it taste?

Katie: It's good!

Court: I like this flat's seems fresh

Katie: Yeah, it's good stuff.

Upon leaving Cafe Nora my phone did a little jiggity jig in my purse.

It was Stone requesting we cook out for dinner and of course I thought that was a bitchin idea.

Food was purchased, the gas for the grill was refilled and friends arrived.


Oh spring, you bring such joy to my life. The cold winter fog that has wrapped itself around my heart is beginning to thaw....for this I owe you many many many thanks.

(we also stopped by the 21st Amendment liquor store for some brew and our weekly wine tasting...yes there is a wine tasting every Saturday at the liquor store by my house. Katie Jean and I think the young, not so bad looking, guy in charge of the tastings is full of himself. Thus, we go to sample the vino and make him feel uncomfortable by being 100% random. ha!...looking forward to our next tasting my sweet Bean!)

PS: a change is coming....a change to my "do". I will update you 2 weeks from Thursday. OH THE SUSPENSE!!!! I can hardly stand it!

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