Thursday, March 26, 2009


We celebrated my niece Laney's 10th birthday on Tuesday (her actual birthday is April 1st however they will be out of town on spring break over her b-day so we celebrate it early every year).

My grandparents, Laney's GREAT-grandparents, thought it a bitchin idea to get her (my not so graceful niece) a bow and arrow set as a gift.

A BOW AND ARROW!?!?!?!?!?

Let me clarify that while yes, the bow is HUGE and the arrows are LOOOONNNNGGG, the arrows do have "blunted" tips.

I don't care if they have "blunted" tips!....I very much enjoy being able to see out of BOTH OF MY EYES and therefore will be sure to place a phone call verifying the bow and arrow are stored safely away before I venture over to my sister's casa. What the hell! no place safe anymore?

In attempt to sooth my fears of being run through by one of Laney's arrows, mi Madre informed me that "it's an outside toy Court!". Hey Madre, you can still get your eyes poked out whilst playing outside!!!!!

What prompted this gift you ask? Apparently Chloe, Laney's older sister, also has a bow and arrow. Chloe refuses to let Laney touch it (as I would too) which equals there is nothing in this world that Laney wants more than her own bow and arrow.

Sister on sister bow/arrow dueling can never end well.....

Here is my question: When in the world did my family become so into archery!?!?!?! And where the hell was I when this happened?

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Saskia said...

Oh Courtney you make me laugh!! Sister vs sister arrow fight does not sound like it will have a good outcome!