Friday, March 13, 2009



*I'm pumped for this weekend. Why you ask? Because we are going to Chicago to (early) celebrate St. Patty's Day with friends!

I can't wait to drink green beer and celebrate my heritage!

*Less than a week until some major changes happen to my "do"'s gonna be a nail bitter!!!!

*Stone is not working today-good for him, bad for me...I want to be at home with him! On the plus side, instead of both of us bouncing around the house this morning getting ready for work, Stone got to sit and hang with me while I got ready.

We had a few laughs and it started my morning off right!

*I am seriously considering buying a lamp kit at the hardware store and making this lamp:

inspiration from here

Obviously I would get a different (totally awesome) lamp shade, but what do you think? Pretty cute huh?

Katie Jean, I'm going to need your help in my quest to find the needed plates, teapot and cups. Are you in?

*I'm loving the cowl neck on this dress/tunic:

from this etsy shop

Actually I'm just plain loving everything about this dress/tunic!

Hopefully I will have silly pictures to post on Monday!


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Kati024 said...

Hurray! I finally figured out how to leave a only took me 6 sad it that? Count me in for the plate, teapot and cups quest. I can't wait for Garage Sale Season to be here!!!! I'll miss you this weekend. Have so much FUN!