Thursday, September 3, 2009

and I still love him....(or perhaps it should be the other way around?)

I didn't have time to eat lunch while at my new J.O.B today.

(note: totally loving the new J.O.B by the way!)

When I got home at 4 it was decided we would head directly to the grocery store to beat the crowd.

Court: "Dude. I'm starving! Can we stop and get me a cheeseburger on the way to the store?"
(note: yes, I called Stone 'dude')
Stone: "Yeah, but I'll go in and get it. I just got my car washed today so we aren't rolling the windows down."
(another note: does anyone else have this obsession with not rolling the windows down after getting a car wash?....other than Stone and Katie Jean that is? It seriously baffles me.)

.....cut to us parking the car at the grocery store which is located in the same parking lot as the McDonalds.....

Stone: "Are you taking that cheeseburger into the grocery with you?"
Court: "Yeah"
Stone: "Really? Well then I'm gonna need you to walk slightly behind are embarrassing."
Court: (laughs and takes a large bite while walking past the produce section)

.....cut to us driving home from the grocery store, when revenge is sweet (and mine)....

Court: "Hey Buddy, thank you for my burger. It.Was.Delicious."
Stone: "You are welcome. But you could have at least offered me a bite."
Court: "Maybe if I wasn't such an embarrassment I would have."



Paulina said...

hahahahhaahhaahah too funny! I have never heard of the rolling the windows down thing, but it is funny....maybe if I washed my car more often i would understand. Now that I think of car needs washed. haha

mic said...

ahhhh i love a good ZING!!!

Maggie May said...