Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Peter Pipper

Tonight I took a walk and bought a pepper. Oh, and two peaches...we must not forget the two peaches. Sweet, furry, tender, plump little peaches!

But back to the pepper. Yes, I bought one pepper. One simple pepper.

A banana pepper if you must know, of the hot persuasion.

Did you know banana peppers came in the 'hot persuasion'? Neither did I. With a name like 'banana' I couldn't imagine anything less hot. But alas, the world is full of strange and wondrous things.

I grilled my pepper. I sliced my pepper. I added my pepper to my veggie quesadilla.


I purchased 3 yards of this lovely vintage fabric the other day. I'm going to attempt to sew cafe curtains for our kitchen. Lucky for me Mama Stone is quite handy with a needle & thread....she has already offered to help me make them.

from here

PPS: and by 'help' I mean she will most likely end up doing all of the work.


Paulina said...

hmmmmm banana peppers!!! and peaches! aaaaand beautiful vintage fabric!!!!

Adele said...

What are banana peppers!? (: anyway I hope your curtain sewing venture comes along smoothly! thanks for commenting too (: xx

mo.stoneskin said...

With a bit of masterful strategy Mama Stone could end up doing the whole lot, while you put your feet up and crunch on peppers.