Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Just Any Plant

Stone and I have a fern

a love fern if you will

My sister gifted it to us when we first joined our possessions.

you know, moved in together

For four years Stone has tended to our fern.

Tended to it with a care and thoughtfulness I can only imagine will mirror his life as a father.


PS: I can only hope and pray to the Gods that my track record (in regards to caring for our fern) will NOT mirror my life as a mother. GAH!

PPS: I don't think our plant is actually a fern, but 'love plant' sounds dumb.


Maggie May said...

we've been buying house plants/flowers and i'm loving them!

Jane said...

W has to deal with our plants too, or they will die!

mo.stoneskin said...

No plant we've ever own has lasted more than a few months. These days we just care for rocks. Less watering required. You know, 'love rocks'.

mic said...

love fern, HA! i love it. also, i'm loving the vintagey plate next to the love fern.