Thursday, September 10, 2009


So basically I have the best Madre in the world.

Yup, the whole wide world.

She is sweet, she is funny, she is a real peach!

(and we all know how much I love peaches so you can imagine how much I love mi Madre!)

Look what she brought me this afternoon!

A red velvet cupcake and a GIANT cookie*, both from The Flying Cupcake!!!

And a strawberry-banana (I think those are the flavors) smoothie!

Other than the extra junk added to my already bootylicious trunk, I think this is one of my all time favorite surprises!

Thank you Madre for making my afternoon shine!!!

(seriously, if you live in Indy or are going to visit, go to The Flying is so tasty and too cute to boot!)

*she did not bring the cookie to me with bites out of it...I couldn't wait until after I took a picture to sample it. OOPS


mic said...

is that frosting inside the cookie? gimme me!

i love those vivanno smoothies -- i get the chocolate banana and add a shot of espresso. then i vibrate from all the caffeine!

The Bug said...

Um, I lost my mom a few years ago, so, um, can I borrow yours? Or, you know, just every now & then can she show up at my house with such bounty? Yum!