Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All Over The Place

***How am I supposed to hate Styrofoam when it does such a damn good job keeping my beverage cold!?!?!?!

***The trees sprouted little green buds overnight. It got me thinking about the warm weather heading our way. I can't to have tons-o-fun in the sun!!!!

This is my favorite picture from our engagement party (it was an all day cookout/pool party-hence the pool) My sister actually took two pictures of us in this "pose". The one right before this was fine-no splash, but I like this one better. That Canon Rebel really can snap those pictures quick!

***I finished what I am "Currently Reading" (as noted along the side of my blog). should probably go out and purchase this book. Right now.

***Below you will find a photo of me and my sister when I was just a wee little babe (she is 13 years older than me). I love many things about this photo. The obvious: it's a sweet moment caught forever in photo for us to look back at and smile. That said, here is what I really love about it:

1)Heather (my sister) has on knee high stockings with shorts

2)I have on what appear to be teeny tiny Nikes....for all the running I was most certainly doing at the ripe old age of 10months.

3)Heather has the most bitchin feathered hair do EVER

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Saskia said...

The photo of your sister and you is just WONDERFUL! How cute were you??! I also love the knee-socks :)