Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Broad Ripple Art Fair was this past weekend.

While wondering through the many many many booths we stumbled upon Dolan Geiman's booth. (go here or here)

I think any of these would look smashing hung up on a wall in my home. If anyone is feeling like purchasing a surprise for a stranger (like me) I wouldn't be opposed to it. Heck, I'd even invite you over for "Hanging Party"! Dinner, drinks, a hammer and a nail.....sounds like a bitchin time.

I like surprises....I'm just sayin


Saskia said...

I LOVE the third one down... wonderful stuff!!

Ask Stone to buy one for you. Tell him I said he MUST get you one, just for being you!!


mo.stoneskin said...

Maybe you could print the image out really large and staple it to the wall?

Enginerd said...

i absolutely must have the first one! we can go halfsies on it. swap every 6 months and split the price tag. no? dang.

Kristin said...

Loving the first one!!!