Monday, May 4, 2009


Wine makes me saucy. Seriously. I have half a glass and I turn into Miss Sassy Pants.

Kitty, Kelly and I ventured down to Huber Winery to visit Andrea. She lives on the winery. That's right, I said LIVES ON THE WINERY. Her house is smack dab in the middle of grape vines. I might (just might) have a serious drinking problem if I lived in that house. Oh how easy it would be to pop into the restaurant (located 2 minutes walk from their front door) for a quick glass of vino and a few bites of cheese.

It was a lovely day. We hung out with Cydni and Matt (Andrea's little girl & husband), did a bit of wine tasting (cue Miss Sassy Pants) then watched a little of the Kentucky Derby coverage. Thank you Andrea for a sweet day. I can't wait to come down again when you can join in on the tasting!!! (she has a bun in the oven)

Cydni...check out those baby blues!!!

Andrea "throwing back" her water

Kelly, Andrea and Kitty (there is a picture of all 4 of us, but I appear to have bed head and therefore opted to NOT share with you)

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Saskia said...

Sounds like a lovely day!! Little Cydni is gorgeous.