Friday, May 1, 2009


Some people call it "Thirsty Thursday" but I prefer "Champagne Thursday". However those tiny bubbles in champagne really make me loopy so when I say champagne I really mean beer or wine or if I'm feeling down right CRAZY maybe maybe rum (if I'm totally off my rocker whisky).
So yesterday being Champagne Thursday I told Stone we needed to spice up our night. I decided to whip up a pitcher of White Sangria. (go here or here for a recipe). I think it turned out SPLENDID!...if I do say so myself. Well, other than the little mishap I had when opening the club soda. (I'm 99% sure the woman at the grocery shook the crap out of that bottle when my back was turned)

note: I cheated and used orange juice instead of fresh squeezed juice for my sangria, which is why it is way cloudier than the pics on the world wide web.

Cha Cha Cha-ing Right Along......

I found these two little diddys this morning while drinking my morning cup of joe/online window shopping (except this morning I sort of threw a brick through that "window" and bought myself a rockin new top)

both from here

I'm pretty sure these needed to be added to my summer wardrobe....

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mo.stoneskin said...

If I worked in a store I'd probably shake up the cans every now and then, adds a bit of excitement!