Monday, May 4, 2009


The Bitch is a beggar.

I have many people to thank for this (myself included) but mostly mi Madre is to blame. Mi Madre is not an animal person. When we first got Matilda she was a bit leery, then she decided to treat Matilda as if she were one of her human grand-children. I think it made the whole Matilda being a dog thing less scary for her.

The first time we had my parents watch her I called to make sure everything was going ok (to verify The Bitch had not torn their house up). Mi Madre informed me that her and Tilly (that's what she calls her) were watching a movie enjoying a bit of popcorn. "But don't worry Court. I'm feeding her like she is a toddler.....I'm only giving her the "puff" of the popcorn, not the husk. She LOVES it! Oh also, is it OK for dogs to eat yogurt?"

That was the day our dog turned into a beggar. There was no turning back.

It has progressively gotten worse. She does the usual puppy dog stare until you feel like a down right terrible person if you don't giver her a little piece of your pita chip. So you do. Or she will do the worst thing ever and actually put her little paws up on your lap while you are eating. This I do not stand for. She does not succeed in getting food from me on those occasions (from mi Madre though...VICTORY IS HERS!!!)

Last night while eating dinner, The Bitch took it to the next level. Stone and I were sitting in the living room eating dinner.

note: we do this far too often...something I am not proud of. I'm going to make an effort to really "set the table" and dine in the actually dinning room.

I look over to see this:

The Bitch has invaded Stone's space. Biding her time, waiting for him to drop a bit of his angel hair pasta w/ vodka sauce.

ps: now do you see why we call her "The Bitch"??????


mo.stoneskin said...

Vodka sauce with pasta? I don't blame her!

Saskia said...

Matilda is a dog-version of Meisha!! The begging is terrible. Meisha loves the fish from the chippie and makes you feel SO guilty if you don't give her any. Unbelievable!

These pets of ours don't have owners, they have servants!!