Monday, May 18, 2009

Silly Silly Silly

Saturday night we rocked The Casba.....a local bar near mi casa, that I usually do not enjoy going to (crowded/smokey) but it ended up being a grand time.

Whilst doing our "rocking" all of us girls be-friended a gentleman, flying solo, sitting at the bar. Apparently he was friends with the bartender (hence his solo status) but he also just so happened to have a little nook of space available to his right that we could occupy and therefore got speedy service when ordering drinks.

In my silly (drunken) state of friend making with this rather teddy bear-ish man, I told him: "You are too cute to boot! I would like to pour you in a brandy snifter, breath you in, take a sip and warm you with my palm." To really bring my point home, I acted out said pouring, breathing in, sipping and warming......

These are the types of absurd things that come out of my mouth when I have Budlight running through my veins.


I need/want this to be on my back porch.

NOTE: not the man and children....just the table and stools.....although, if "the man" (aka: Michael Chiarello) would like to come to my house and cook my meals I would be fine with that

Too bad it is absurdly expensive causing Stone to laugh out loud when I told him if he was smart he would buy it for me. I pointed this one out too:

both are from here

Telling him, "It's only $699 for the table and the benches." This too caused laughter.....

PS: I ventured down to Bowling Green, KY on Saturday morning/afternoon to have lunch with my Aunt Deidra and her husband Chuck.

Four Things:
1. We went to a local place called Mariah's....I highly suggest it to anyone going that way.
2. Mi Madre and I thought it necessary to talk in hardcore country accents the entire time we were driving to/from this niece Chloe, who came along for the trip, thought we were embarrassing.
3. When leaving the city to head back home we drove around for a bit in an unsuccessful attempt to find local shops to pop into. We did however drive through the Western Kentucky University campus and spotted an awesome bronze statue of Abe Lincoln. The statue was casually sitting on a park bench. If I were a student at WKU, I would most certainly spend a few quality afternoons on that bench reading a good book with Honest Abe.
4. Deidra & Chuck, THANK YOU for a lovely afternoon!!! We can't wait to do it again soon!!!!


mo.stoneskin said...

And what did Stone make of your poetic and eloquent ode to teddy-boy?!

Courtney said...

Stone knows I'm an absurd person. He just laughs and rolls his eyes.

kate said...

"we've been to a million weddings and guess what, we've rocked 'em all!"