Friday, May 15, 2009

on my mind....

I am one of those people who tries to live by the words, "everything happens for a reason" and "this too shall pass". In times of hardship or sadness I hold tight to those words. I let them plant a little seed of hope in my heart and slowly, my spirit is lifted.

I tend to shy away from saying either of those phrases to friends/family when they are going through tough times. I'm pretty sure I would have to stifle the urge to slap someone in their face if "everything happens for a reason" was their advice to me when I lose a loved one or something else horrible happens. Even though I am saying it to is 100% annoying to have someone else say it to you.

Does that make sense?

This blog is a place for me to celebrate all the fun,silly wonderful (to me) things going on in my day to day life. So I try to leave out the unpleasant bits. Thankfully I don't have a lot of "unpleasant bits" in my life. That's not to say I don't struggle daily with one teeny tiny section of my life that brings me anxiety, (sometimes) tears, heartache and bitten fingernails. I get through it knowing I have the support of my Main Squeeze, my loving family and my loyal friends. Without that tasty combo platter and their hugs, smiles, reassuring words and patience (when listening to me vent) I know I would be one unhappy little lady.

I say it is a "teeny tiny section of my life" because in the grand scheme of the story that is my life, it doesn't matter. It is nothing but an annoying case of the hiccups that no matter how long I hold my breath or how many people jump out to yell "BOO!", they won't go away.....until I stop worrying about them. Remember? "this too shall pass"....even if that is a heavy phrase to say in regards to the hiccups! hee hee!

I hope to one day be able to write a post, IN ALL CAPS SO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM, telling you that teeny tiny chapter of my life is closed.

Until then.......



Rob said...

Funny.. I was thinking about your blog and had the same thought.. "this too shall pass".. or maybe it's a major FAIL. Keep the posts coming. They actually DO make me laugh/smile. You are a very witty writer and TOTALLY agree that facebook is just so not cool. I obviously am having trouble expressing my feelings since I have to make my emphasis with CAPS. Have a great weekend!! Angie was completely disappointed that you guys couldn't get together for lunch. Rob

Courtney said...

Rob...I see you are sassy as always.

I was bummed too. Can't Reece just learn how to walk already...GEEZ!

(just kidding...I hope her chin is OK!)

mo.stoneskin said...

I get hiccups only once a year and usually on a Monday. When they come they last for hours and hours. If someone told me that 'everything happens for a reason' I would slap them in-between hiccups.

Saskia said...

Hiccups are my NEMISIS. I HATE THEM. So MUCH!!!

They are so embarrassing and violent.

Hope you're hiccup-free now? Did you have a good weekend? Hope so!

b is for brown said...

this was a great post! just found your blog and love it.