Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I failed at life for this year's pre-Indy 500 fest. I became a bobble head.

A person who, due to alcohol consumption, takes on the appearance of a dashboard ornament.

I'm unsure as to why this happened, considering this year I came prepared. I packed a snack (pasta salad & apples), I ate before going to the Coke lot and I didn't day booze before hand. What the H!

A conversation between friends while walking towards "The Winner's Circle" (a trashy bar):

Court: (walking down Georgetown Rd. in bobble head mode)
Kitty: "I don't want you to be like this."
Court: "I don't want me to be like this either!"
Kitty: "What happened?!?"
Court: "I don't know! One minute I'm fine and the next bobble-bobble-bobble-bobble....."
Kitty: "PULL IT TOGETHER!!!!!"

I appreciate the peeps that really dress to impress at events. Sort of like this guy:

Nothing says "I'm here for the race!" quite like head to toe checkered flag gear! (literally to the toe...even his shoes are checkered)

ps: Thank you Madre and Pops for being our personal chauffeurs to and from the Coke lot!!!! and for the tasty left over pizza in the saved my life

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