Monday, June 15, 2009

"Oh she's so nice!"

Happy Birthday to my sweet bean Katie Jean!

She is the best friend a gal could ask for and I don't know what I would do without her. I love you Friend!

Katie Jean at my wedding

Katie Jean and I rocking it out at my bro's wedding

You want to know what the greatest job ever was? Summers in high school, Katie Jean and I, worked at the pool in my neighborhood.

Life Guards you ask? HELLS NO! We were Pool Attendants....we cleaned the pool in the morning, checked the chlorine/PH levels every hour or so, made sure peeps didn't bring food or glass containers into the pool area and skimmed the bugs off the top of the pool every few hours. Essential we got paid to get a suntan and read Harry Potter.


We weren't even technically required to save people if they were in trouble. The sign said:


BUT, we did save some kids that got themselves in trouble. Like the one time a little boy floating in the deep end lost the noodle he was using to stay afloat. He went under and didn't come back up. I dove in (OK, was only 5ft) and brought him to the surface then safely to the shallow end. It felt good to save a life. Never mind the fact that I was the one who took the noodle from still felt good!

(note: we were ending our shift and had to put the toys away...HE SAID HE COULD SWIM WITHOUT THE NOODLE!!!!! Clearly you can't trust little kids to tell the truth.)

Oh to be young and carefree again! I would go back to those days with you in a second my dear....well, minus the whole being in high school thing. Oh, and minus the Creepy Magoo who was caught taking pictures of us whilst hiding behind a tree. Other than that...GOOD TIMES!

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Kati024 said...

Thanks Sweet Friend! AND, no you're the bestest friend a gal could ask for. Oh, how I miss working at the far the best job of all time!!!!!!!