Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm feeling whelmed. Not over-whelmed. Not under-whelmed.

Just whelmed.

I can't even think of anything to type in the title line of this post.

Maybe it's the heat? Indiana is notorious for hot sticky summers. Maybe it's the plate full of pasta I just stuffed my face full of? I'm notorious for making (and eating) far too much pasta. Maybe it's the fact that my liver sent me a text message on Monday morning telling me he quit? Yeah, my liver is a dude and (somehow) gets cell reception.

Speaking of cell reception.....

My niece Chloe turned 13 last week. I didn't order her gift until after we got back from vacation so it wasn't delivered in time for us to give it to her when we all went out to dinner to celebrate. (not to worry, we gave her a little iTunes gift card "filler gift" so we didn't look like that terrible of an Aunt and Uncle) Well, it arrived over the weekend and I'm not gonna lie........I kinda want to keep it for myself. Is that terrible? I mean, look how cute it is:

can be found here along with a whole boat load of other cute stuff

I guess I could always email Stone one of my "subtle hints" that I wouldn't mind having it too.

ps: Yeah, I know. Cell reception had nothing to do with that necklace stuff. I'm just too whelmed to think of a witty subject transition.

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mo.stoneskin said...

I always cook to much pasta, but even worse is rice. If cooking for two I'll end up cooking enough rice for about 12 people.