Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"the goodness"

Tonight while I was sitting at the computer, searching random things and downloading a tune (Jennifer Hudson "If This Isn't Love"), Stone wandered in to see what I was doing.

Hold that thought. Let's pump the breaks and back up.

In order to appreciate the absurdity of what I'm about to write, you must know four things.

1. the computer in our home is in the upstairs guest bedroom (match box room)
2. all of the floors in our home are either wood or tile
3. except for a 2ft X 4ft bit of floor inhabiting the teeny tiny space that is the match box room's closet
4. it saddens Stone (not me) that we do not have carpet for his tootsies to feel

So there I am perusing the net, when Stone walks in to say hi. I of course say hello, then go about my business......

I hear Stone say "feel the goodness".

I turn around to find Stone standing on the carpet in the teeny tiny matchbox closet stamping his feet imitating Mr. Tumnus the faun (of Narnia fame).

Perhaps I should get Stone one of those carpet sample squares for Christmas? That way his tootsies can enjoy the feel of carpet anywhere in our house.....


mo.stoneskin said...

Ha "feel the goodness", what a line. Poor guy.

We're the reverse, the missus hates the feel of cold floor, whereas I love it.

Maybe he could just have a session in the matchbox room each day.

Saskia said...

Please do buy him a carpet square!! And make sure it's ever so fluffy and soft - he'll love it!!

So funny :)

Have a lovely weekend x

nokomis said...

ha ha, you guys are hilarious!