Friday, December 12, 2008

blended to perfection

Harney & Sons Tea

I'm a tea drinker.

(if you would like to read this post with a British accent that is fine with me....I'm typing it with a British accent in my head)

Lately though I have turned my back on tea. I'm sorry tea, but I replaced you with 1 (just 1) cup of Joe a day.

I'M SORRY!!!!!

I thought that was all I needed. One cup of SUPER STRONG coffee (it's from Ethiopia so you know it is good stuff) to get me going in the morning.

But then winter came and a cold set it on my bones that I just couldn't shake. It was then that I remembered my old friend TEA!

Thank you tea for soothing my soul and keeping me warm throughout the days/nights of this VERY cold winter. I will try not to forget about you again next spring.

WARNING: spring/summer causes me to be forgetful (how can I be expected to remember anything when the glorious sun is shining down on me once again? All I can think of is a backyard barbeque!) so please tea, don't be angry with me if you slip my mind once more.....

SIDENOTE: How cute are those little tins of tea up top!?!?!? Not only is the packaging too cute to boot, the tea is definitely something to write home about! If you live in Indianapolis I personally think it a GREAT idea to stop by a little shop called Tangerine Gifts to pick up a few tins for yourself....they are on sale for $2.50ea!!!! If you do not live in Indianapolis (I don't blame you) click on the ole link and get some directly from Harney & Sons! it.

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Saskia said...

Glad you found my blog! I'm addicted to tea, but like you, only in the winter!!! My poor tea pot must think I'm so fickle!

Saskia x