Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Review

This past weekend was ACTION PACKED!

Friday I took a half day, Stone had the day off so we went on a little lunch date to The Brew Pub and then finished up our Christmas shopping. Anthropologie is/was having a HUGE sale so I had to purchase myself two cute little plates! It was so great just running about town on a lazy Friday with my love.
We then went to the Pacers game to watch my niece Chloe dance at half time....she is in "the company" at her dance studio and they did a little Christmas half time show. It was VERY cute.

Chloe is standing on the "CO" of CONSECO

Saturday we hosted Stone's office Christmas cocktail party at our house. Lets just say, things escalated and we did NOT feel too hot on Sunday.

I am pretty proud of the spread I had out for the coworkers....unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it until after some of it had been eaten.

see the little green plate on the shelf....that is one of the plates I HAD to have

On the menu: shrimp cocktail, fruit (the apples & pears had been eaten by the time I took the photo), cheese & crackers, hummus & pretzel chips (I like pita chips too but we went with pretzel chips on Saturday), veggies & dip, Nancy's spirals (I know cheating because I bought them from Sam's Club but seriously Stone LOVES them and he might have gone bananas if I did not get them), buffalo chicken dip, artichoke dip and chili cheese dip (which I ended up never heating up because I had no room on the table for it)

Desserts: oatmeal raisin cookies, rice krispie treats, Christmas tree sugar cookies (thank you madre) and buckeyes (thank you madre)

Sunday was the greatest day EVER (well I felt like crap all day but Sunday night was the greatest night EVER)

Kitty and I went to see the greatest singer in the world....

CELINE DION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moments before I started crying and Celine started singing "I Drove All Night...To Get To You!"
Also please note our red/pink cheeks...we had been in the stadium for about 20 minutes and still were frozen from the walk was literally 3 degrees yesterday.

All you need to know is this:

I cried twice.

I would "drive all night to get to you" were AMAZING

We thought that all of the husbands in the audience were dragged there against their will. That is until the stadium got quiet waiting for Celine to start her next song and the husband of the woman sitting in front of us screamed


I almost peed my pants laughing.....

Kitty, there is no one in the world I would've rather shared the CMCD concert with.

PS: Thank you Swiss (wink wink)

PPS: Is this blog becoming a tribute to my friend Kitty????

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Saskia said...

Your weekend sounded so fun! Glad the concert was good.

It is definately a lovely feeling to have finished all the wrapping, gift-tag writing, buying etc.! Now I'm just looking forward to 25th!

Have a fantastic Christmas. I've given you an award on my blog!
Saskia x