Monday, December 1, 2008

food, dogs, crazy & tea

Thanksgiving weekend is officially over (sadface) and I am POOPED!

It was seriously a busy busy bee of a weekend but I had a great time and wanted to post about a few tidbits....

I decided to wait and purchase the flowers for my table on the day of Thanksgiving (I don't need it to be MY responsibility to keep those puppies alive!) but was SUPER let down when the Fresh Market was CLOSED the morning of Thanksgiving. I had to go to plan B which equals I had to dig through the skanky flowers in the Marsh "floral department" to try and find SOMETHING usable.

I think I did a pretty good job with what I had to work with! OH, and I used our china/crystal/flatware for the first time too! I think it was pretty classy!

The in-laws brought Jasper, their pup, over on Thursday so he could join in the festivities too. Him and Matilda went at it all day and had a ball!

Isn't he just the cutest little thing! haha! He weighs all of 8lbs but sure can hold his own when playing with The Bitch!

For the second year in a row I signed up for early bird shopping with crazy (aka: my mom). When I say early bird I really mean it. I was roused from my slumber at 3:30am.

Yes, I said 3:30am!!!!!

Wal-Mart (not my fav place but sometimes you just have to grin & bear it for a bargain) had a super special on the INDUSTRIAL Kitchen-Aid Mixers and my mom wanted to get one for my nieces who are quite the little chefs (plus then my sister gets to use it too!).

Allow me to explain what I witnessed:

We pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot around 4:25am...the store was opening at 5am.

We got in line and shivered for the next half hour waiting for the doors to open. When the clock struck 5am the herd of people started getting loud and moving quicker and quicker to/through the doors. Once inside people start screaming and running.

Please let it be noted that this lady IS NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. However I don't mosey through the store since I don't want to be trampled (seriously, someone died at a Wal-mart in NYC) by the stampeded of door buster deal lovin folks! I walk with a bit of pep and laugh OUT LOUD at the people around me....and feel slightly embarrassed because although I am not running and screaming waving my arms in search of the bargains, I am still surrounded by all of those people and therefore guilty by association.

My mom and I got the mixer (whew! wipe the sweat off MY brow!). I then separate from my mom to go in search of a few items on my list which I cannot state here since certain people (my hubs) might read this and then would know something I got him.

While wondering towards the back of the store (Stone, that is the only hint you get!) I am stuck in a people jam (similar to traffic jam just replace the cars with people/shopping cars) and happen to witness something that brought a smile to my face for the rest of the weekend.

A mom was standing off to the side with her teenage daughter and a list in her hand. The daughter wasn't really paying attention to anything (give her a break it was 5:15 in the morning!). Here mom is pointing at the list and then saying something to her daughter. It was at this time the mom notices the daughter is NOT paying attention to a word she is saying. The mom grabs her daughter's arm and screams at her:


all the while pointing at "THE LIST" and waving it in her daughter's face. That lady WAS NOT KIDDING AROUND!!!!

On Saturday my mom and I went to Tea at the Canterbury with Katie Jean and her Momma. It was a great time as usual: tasty tea, little sandwiches, scones & bite sized desserts. What more could a girl ask for!!!!

Please forgive the orangish tint to the pictures.....there was "mood lighting" for the tea and my camera failed to help me out with a FLASH.

I look forward to "the tea" every year and this year was NO LET DOWN....I already can't wait for our tea time next year ladies!

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