Monday, January 19, 2009

A Conversation:

Banner: What do you think?

Court: You look great!....have you lost weight?

Banner: No, (in a whisper) I had a little work done.

Court: You did! Oh my that you said something you do look refreshed. Not too much and not too little...just right. Who did you go to?

Banner: Well, this other banner that I comment with (over at Saskia's Spot) had some work done by Lyndsay and I thought it looked super cute so I thought I would get a little spruced up too! I contemplated doing a complete overhaul and having my background done too but I was afraid that might be a bit much at my age. I decided on just a little dye job....what do you think about the blue? To retro? To vibrant?

Court: Oh goodness no! You look H-O-T! Well done Lyndsay!

1 comment:

Saskia said...

Your post made me laugh.. "have you lost weight?"!!!

Your blog looks really fab!