Thursday, January 22, 2009


Currently mounted to the ceiling of our bedroom is a wooden/brass monstrosity some people might call a fan.

I call it heinous.

It's WAY to big for the room.

(in the summer when it is going full blast I have to make note NOT to remove my shirt whilst standing directly under it.....that is, if I want to keep my hands)

I should probably fill you in on what sort of home we live in.

We live in a little 3 bedroom 1.5 bathroom bungalow. The upstairs is an "attic conversion", which equals the ceilings upstairs are a bit lower than the norm.

(aka: I have no problem standing up, raising my hands above my head and touching the ceiling....I'm 5'7")

I would love nothing more than to walk upstairs right now and take a hammer to the Big Bertha of a ceiling fan hanging in our bedroom.

Sadly this is not an option.

Due to our upstairs' dark, hot, muggy past (as an attic) a fan is a must.

I have decided to replace Big Bertha with a lightLESS ceiling fan (just a simple white wooden discreet diddy).

For a light source in the room I have chosen bedside lamps.

Well, I have not actually been able to decide on the lamps....but I do know the style I am in the market for.
Something similar to these:

This little beauty is one of two which can be found at this Etsy shop.

Check here for this little sweet pea of a lamp.

This curvy lamp is from here too.

(note: not buying the shades in the pictures with the lamps....that's a whole separate fiasco!)

PS: Stone is watching the boob tube while I am typing this post. He just got sucked into an infomercial, leaned over to me and said:

"Court, we need a ShamWow."


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Saskia said...

Lovely lamps!! I like number 2 the best... I think....!

I agree, I was really NOT meant to work, especially in a boring office!! When will our wonderful husbands earn enough so we can be at home? Not soon enough!!

Have a great weekend x