Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why I'm Kicking Myself Right Now......


WHERE: Nordstrom

WHEN: the day after Thanksgiving (madness!)

WHAT: the Free People "Grandpa Cardigan"

WHY: I'm trying on the sweater I have been drooling over for 3 months

sorry for the tiny pic

(the girl in the other picture I found had a scary look on her face)

Court: "Is this not the greatest thing ever!?!?!? It fits perfect! I can wear it with leggins and the brown boots Stone is giving me for Christmas."

Madre: "Court, you HAVE to get that."

Court: "I really really really want it."

Madre: "Get it!"

Court: "I can't."

Madre: (gives me the shocked face)

Court: "I really shouldn't be buying anything for myself right now since we are Christmas shopping."

Madre: "Is it on sale?"

Court: "Yeah. It used to be $160 and now it is $70."

Madre: "Case closed.....GET IT! I'll even go halvesies on it."

Court: "MOM! Get are NOT going halvesies on this!"

Madre: "It's really cute and you need it!"

Court: (as I remove the sweater) "No, I'm buying for others today...not myself."

Madre: "You're gonna regret it."

Damn right I regret!

I spent an absurd amount of time online today (while at work) searching for this sweater.

Oh, I found it! NOT ON SALE AND NOT IN MY SIZE!!!!!

Mothers really do know best!

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Saskia said...

Mother's do know best!!

How annoying about the sweater - it's lovely.

This is the story of my life!!