Monday, January 19, 2009


Saturday took me and Kitty to Midland Arts & Antiques in downtown Indy.

It's basically a GIANT warehouse chalk full of stuff. (which is freezing by the clue how the guys working there can stand it all day)

I say stuff because there is a lot of crap.

note: the "crap" comment is my personal the saying goes "one person's trash is another person's treasure".

However, there is also bunches and bunches of awesome stuff....I would most certainly purchase all of it if money were to start growing on trees.

I found a retro sofa which I yearned to purchase but I knew certain people (Stone) would not be too happy with this lady if I showed up with such a LARGE purchase. Plus it was a deep red color and we already have a red sofa in our front room....might be a bit overkill on the red.

I did however decide to buy the following items in preparation for my tea party this spring.

(more on the tea party closer to the date)

such a cute little scalloped edged cake stand I couldn't pass it up

I couldn't NOT purchase this tea cup! has a beautiful Asian scene painted on it (Kitty has already called "DIBS" that this is her cup)

this little diddy is oh so classy

I actually purchased the little birdie cup at Anthropologie after we left Midland....cute huh?!

I also purchased an antique 6 drawer dresser for my Madre, but I failed to take a photo of it before dropping it off at her place. It was only $55.00!!!!....WHAT A STEAL!

Oh, and I almost forgot!

A few months back I posted about a little photo project I had planned for my dining room wall......

I finished it last night and I am tickled pink with the result!!!!

All of the prints (which are of doors) are from different Etsy shops and I love love love everyone of them! I'm so happy with how it turned out. I might add one more print to the bottom left corner but I'm not sure yet.

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Saskia said...

You may just have inspired me to do a proper photo wall! It looks great!

There's an award for you on my blog.

Saskai x