Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hodge Podge...again (I'm sorry!)

*Unless a surprise pretty package arrives at my front door in the next week or so, my dreams have been shattered. The dress (picture in my "Snaps for Court!" post) has been purchased by another.

The only peace I have....some lady, some where, possible far far away will feel oh so lovely in that dress when she wears it.

* Tonight's dinner included: grilled cheese & tomato soup.....hello childhood, the memory of you washes over me like a summer breeze.

*Pretzel favorite snack which just so happen to go swimmingly with a glass of vino and makes reading my new Cooking Light magazine even more enjoyable.

(Matilda loves them too...)

*Oh, I am starting the search for the perfect Tea Party invitation. So far I have found one that is too cute to boot.

(of course I can't show it to you!....what if one of my invitees reads this and sees the invite before it arrives in her mailbox??? talk about ruining a surprise!)

* I heard "Barracuda" by Heart not once but twice on the radio today.

a) it was a bit much
b) I can't lie....I did mentally strum the Guitar Hero guitar each time I heard it. (dum-duddum-duddum-duddum-duddum-dum-dum-dummmmmm)

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