Monday, February 16, 2009

V-Day recap:

Valentine's Day (this year) = absurd awesomeness

I found these beauties waiting for me downstairs on Saturday morning:

Tulips? Yes please! boy toy knows what I like!

He also got me this darling little tank/tunic (from here) that I will be sporting even in the winter with a long sleeved shirt underneath.

(note: he attempted to purchase me the rockin dress I wanted buy they no longer had my size...sadface)

OK, on to the "absurd awesomeness".....

(my flowers & tank were just plain awesome)

We dined in style here:

As I said before, White Castle does a whole Valentine's Day promo. They have "table cloths", servers, candles, flowers...etc. It was very silly.

This is the menu that awaited us at our table. If you look closely you will see the first of the "absurd awesomeness".....The outside of the menu says:

"Celebrating Your Love......."

Open it up and you find:

"......Of The Crave"

Heck yeah that's what we were celebrating!

(Katie Jean and Babs)

V-Day is also Babs' birthday....much to his dismay the entire "wait staff" at White Castle sang him HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Afterwards he stated:

"That was the most heartfelt rendition of Happy Birthday I have ever experienced."

To which we all agreed.

We all added a little "kick" to our sodas....and by "kick" I mean good ol Jim Beam.


1. The sign on the door stated, "RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. Please see hostess for seating." I love it! was all very serious.

2. Stone went to the bathroom and when he came back he whispered:

"Don't make a big deal about it, but the WORKER who went to the bathroom before me didn't wash his hands."


3. Katie Jean dropped the glass pint of Jim Beam onto the tile floor causing quite a ruckus. Luckily it didn't break but seeing has how not a damn thing in that entire "restaurant" is made out of was pretty obvious what we were up to.

4. While ordering, our waitress recommended the fish sandwich. HA!....

"What's good on the menu tonight?"

"I recommend the fish sandwich."

Good times!!!!

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Saskia said...

No krispy kreme shops... how do you survive??
We haven't had krispys long here... only a year or two but I'm completely obsessed!

Your weekend looked so fun!! I love the last photo... Babs should be using a straw though, not covering his nose, haha :)