Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nice Little Saturday

Saturday's celebration of the under-celebrated holiday Groundhog's Day turned out to be a pretty bitchin day.

I made this tasty vegetable chili recipe. Served with brown rice and a "dollop of daisy" on top (but really it is generic grocery store brand sour cream)

Katie Jean was the "wax heater/stirrer" during our candle making.....she now has the softest hands ever.

Kitty was kind enough to snap a photo of me running for my life back up the stairs....I had to venture down to the dreaded basement to put our candle making supplies away. This picture doesn't do the scariness level of the basement justice. It is dark, damp and dreary down there!!!

Mason jars were the container of choice for our scented soy wax awesomeness. Katie Jean's are Coconut (mmhhh-the beach), mine are Exotica (tropical fruitish) and Kitty went with Poppy (vibrant and fresh)

TADA!!! The finished product (well...I still need to cut the wicks, but you get the jist)

Oh, and it wouldn't be a Drunk Saturday without a special moment between these two best buds.

To Kitty's dismay, the movie Groundhog's Day was played over and over and over all day as well. I can't get enough of Bill Murray and Punxsutawney Phil!

To MY dismay, I have spent pretty much the whole of Sunday feeling less than dandy due to OVER celebrating the under-celebrated G-Day....if you catch my drift. Stone was kind enough to snap a photo of me at my lowest (passed out on the couch, mouth open and drooling) I will not put anyone through the trauma of seeing it. Take my word for it....NOT PRETTY.

Note to self: add "G-Hog Tribute" to annual list of celebrations.

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Saskia said...

Those candles look great!! How did you make them? Your weekend looks so fun! Sorry you didn't feel well yesterday...

I hope your co-workers don't irritate you too much today... roll on Friday!