Monday, February 23, 2009


Thanks to AT&T U-Verse, and the $50 Visa gift card they sent us (me), Saturday I was on a mission to find/purchase new jeans.


1. I have long (semi-slender) legs


2. I have junk in the trunk


3. Jeans shopping is almost my least favorite adventure.....EVER.

My first stop was a usual Express did not have my size.

Second stop, Von Maur, was a fluke and a failure (Kitty had to drop a pair of heels at the Cobbler for repair....thus we went to Von Maur whilst waiting)....I'm just mentally not ready to plop down $175.00-$200.00 for a pair of jeans.

Third time really is a charm! (and at the most unlikely of places)

On a whim I decided to stroll through The Gap.

Background info:

In the past, jeans from The Gap have been down right stupid (for me). The designers apparently think I have "a package" and therefore make the inseam especially looooooonnnng on their jeans. Um, no thank you I do not want to appear to not only have junk in the trunk but also in the front!!!! It's really a strange site to see.

Well, imagine my surprise when I slip into a pair of dark, low-rise, skinny jeans and they look smashing!

Well done Gap, well done.

(doesn't it sound strange to say "Gap" and not "The Gap"????)

Added Bonus:

They had a special going....spend $75 and get $20 off your purchase. The jeans were $69.99 so I picked up a pair of $6.99 boxers for Stone and my total ended up at $60.00!!!


Due to me grabbing the wrong size boxers Stone's little surprise was a failure.

It's OK:

Kev (Kitty's boy toy) just so happened to wear the size of boxers I grabbed therefore he got a little surprise.....that we pretended was from Kitty and not me....kind of strange to buy your friend's boyfriend new boxers. hee hee!

random bit:

***Ever notice how people discuss the vitamins they are taking, but no one ever really talks about the minerals.


Saskia said...

Glad you found a great pair of jeans. Buying jeans is a right mission... I'm slender but with a disporportionately large derriere! I've only heard good things about Gap jeans (we've always called it Gap here, ha!) - I'll have to go there soon.

Christy said...

Nothing beats a great pair of jeans! (I've also bought the wrong size of boxers recently. He was not happy that I thought he was a size small, lol!)

Yep, heard about Saturday too. It appears it's the end of an era, and I'm sad about it. We had some good times. ::wipes away tear::