Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm the kind of girl that likes to be comfortable.... my clothes. If I'm not comfortable there is a definite chance I will be cranky and less fun.

(note: of course I will still be mostly fun, because duh-I ROCK! ha!....or at least according to my nieces I do)

Now, lets not confuse comfort with shabbiness. I like to look pulled together, I'm using the word "comfortable" as a loose term in regards to all situations:

*meeting friends for dinner
*going to a party
*hanging at home with friends
*going to the in-laws for dinner
*going to a movie
*going to work

No matter the situation (casual or dressy) it is a must for me to feel comfortable in my outfit!

ALL that said, I am slightly stressing out about this weekend. We (me, Kitty & Sara) are driving up to Detroit-Rock City to visit our fiery friend Lisa.

(note: if she reads this prior to our arrival I might get a hello whack upside the head for calling her fiery....she has red hair.)

Lisa has informed us that she is getting a bit more spiffed up than usual for our weekend outings. Which equals the outfits I had originally planned are a no go.
Thanks to this "spiffed up" comment I have spent the entire week attempting to put together 2-3 outfits that:

a) look smashing (obviously)
b) I won't freeze my bum off in (winter = I can't just throw on a fun dress and be done)
c) I can get away with NOT wearing heels/pumps with

Background info on me wearing heels/pumps:

I used to wear them all the time, then came Stone. He is 5'10" I am 5'7.5". This means if I wear heels I am either the same height or taller than Stone....sorry, not a big fan of that.


When I wear heels now (totally rare occasion) I am want to curl up in a little ball and cry the next day because my tootsies are so darn sore!
Solution (for this weekend....and my smashing outfits):


Thank you Steve Madden and Blowfish for enabling me to not only look smashing but also be oh-so-comfy!

***Perhaps I will present photos of the full outfits at a later date.....

1 comment:

Saskia said...

Love your boots & flats!! I completely understand... I'm 5"8, am taller than Mr B (only by a little) and when I wear heels I tower over my friends... literally! I'm not even that tall!

Have a great weekend. Keep warm!

Saskia x