Friday, February 6, 2009

A Tribute:

I've added "Celebrate Groundhog's Day with Punksatony Phil" to my LIFE TO DO LIST.

I want to drive to Punksatony, PA and join in the festivities...perhaps even tip a 40 to the ole fur ball.

Groundhog's Day was on Monday and since I am forced to be an adult and go to work (sober) I was unable to properly celebrate this under-celebrated holiday.

In honor of G-Day, my girlfriends and I will be putting the movie Groundhog's Day into the DVD player for an ALL DAY SHOWING (just like they do on TBS) and drinking a few brews to celebrate that Punksatony Phil and his famous shadow.

Also on the agenda:

*making/eating a new veggie chili's one of Emeril's and I've never made a recipe of his, I'm pumped!

*attempting to make soy candles....hopefully we don't start some sort of fire and turn the house in to one giant flaming candle

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