Thursday, February 12, 2009

I took a jog.....

(or is it "yog" with a soft "j"?)

New Years UN-resolution #1 was put into play tonight.

I hopped on my little bicycle, pedaled over to Kitty's place and we ran (well she ran I ran/walked) 2.5 miles.

It was a real doozy!

I huffed. I puffed. I was almost blown away.....seriously, it was bad.

You want the sick truth?

OK, here it goes:

About half way through the run I slowed down to a walk (again) and told Kitty that she could go on without me. Whilst speed walking I came to realize that I needed to spit....BAD.

(note: I'm not a girl that spits but due to the combo of huffing, puffing and chilly air I couldn't avoid it)

So there I am speeding walking along when I see it. The perfect place for me to hide behind a tree and take care of my spitting business.

I speed walk up, crouch down ever so slightly (so there is less "air time" for the spit) and I do it.

At that moment two things happened.

1) the wind picked up and instead of hitting the ground the spit took a detour and landed on my puff vest

2) a fellow yogger (of course it was a young not so bad looking man) passed by and got to be witness to me and all my spitty glory

The cherry on top you ask?

While frantically trying to get the spit off of my vest I became aware that a little spit string was still connecting the spit to my mouth.....and yes, my fellow male not so bad looking yogger saw it all.

I look forward to my next run/walk outing and the shenanigans that will ensue

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Christy said...

ah, the imagery of this scenario! :)