Monday, August 31, 2009

Decorating Dilemma

I have a decent size wall in our upstairs hallway that is giving me trouble.

(please excuse the heinous light fixture)

I used to have this whole wall art thing spelling our last name in this spot, but then I stole those frames for the dining room. (more people see that room than our upstairs hallway....sorry hallway, you lose)

Should I do family/friend photos? (note: there are family/friend photos on the opposite wall already) Should I do one or two large prints that we like? It's just an odd space. The hallway is narrow, so I can't put up shelves. I would like to do something fun, but I'm lacking in the creativity department at the moment.

I thought about doing a little vintage mirror thing on this wall.....all different shapes and sizes???

Anyone seen anything interesting lately???

I need help ASAP! This wall mocks me every time I walk past's blankness is upsetting. (that and the tiny holes dotting the wall from the 'last name project' that used to be up there. spackle shmackle, I'm hoping the next thing I hang covers those puppies up!)

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Paulina said...

oh, I hate odd spaces!!!! Frustrating to say the least!!! I think you should do a neat little artistic cluster of sorts (since you already have photos on the opposing wall). Check out downs and out chic's blog (she always has great interior design photos....some of my fave being the pretty dishes she clusters up on walls.)
Heres a good link: