Saturday, August 1, 2009

Right Now

Right now I am content. I am smiling inside.
I have one of my Gran Estelle's aprons wrapped around my waist. My house smells of freshly baked bread.
I brewed a pot of Earl Grey tea this afternoon. I drank it out of the strawberry tea cup mi Madre got me (for Valentine's Day). It made me smile.
Right now I am cozy. I am warm and comfortable in my home.
Right now I am thankful for the good in my life.


The Bug said...

I put on one of my husband's grandmother's aprons the other day - but sadly it didn't make me more domestic. He's the cook in the house - I should make him wear it!

Your contentment is contagious though - I'm feeling pretty peaceful just reading about it.

Saskia said...

The scene you described sounds divine Court.

I had a lovely restful weekend & was also feeling very happy & content :)

In Dutch there's a word that encompasses 'warm' 'cozy' 'fun' 'happy'... gezellig. Sounds like your weekend was very gezellig :)

Saskia xx

mo.stoneskin said...

And Earl Grey is very good!