Saturday, August 22, 2009

Have you ever been away from home, and then when you come home it smells like 'home'?

That happened to me tonight.

We were at a party (30th b-day party) having a great time, but we decided to go home.

We walked in the door and the smell of home slapped me in the face. I was wrapped in a cocoon of warm and fuzzy bliss. It smelled like a house filled with love....and history.


Two people who joined their lives together.

Through thick or thin.....together.

Our house smelled like

a 'home'.

I'm proud of that old lived in smell. The smell that says,

"Hey! People live here!!!!"

"People live here and make memories!...HAPPY memories!!!"

Stone is downstairs, wondering what I am doing.

I'm getting ready to go downstairs and make a cheese quesadilla. I'm getting ready to go downstairs and hug my husband. I'm getting ready to go downstairs and breathe in the joy that is our life together.

Good Night


Court said...

Aw how awesome! ;)

Rose Red said...

I love the smell of home, it's very comforting.

Saskia said...

I know precisely how you feel. I love being home, being with Mr B, enjoying the atmosphere and memories that are all over our house.

At the wedding we went to at the weekend the vicar talked about marriage being a place, a home, that you can always come back to.

Saskia x

Jill said...

yeeeeah my apt just smells like dog pee. and scented candles attempting to mask said dog pee.