Friday, April 24, 2009

wavy lays

Katie Jean works for a local radio station.

(she's practically a celebrity)

I listen to her station all day at work and giggle every time I hear them say her name (and sometimes I actually hear's hilarious).

On Saturday we are going to an event with her for her J-O-B. We have to get dressed really dressed up. This is no business casual affair. I decided tonight would be a good time to go through my "dressy" dresses and decide on which one I should wear tomorrow.

Sounds like fun right?


Playing dress up is not so fun when you have to take a running start to get into a dress. Or when you finally get into a dress you look in the mirror only to see that someone has played a sick joke on you, replacing your regular mirror with a fun house mirror that makes you look "wavy" in places you never used to be.

I texted Katie Jean about my predicament. She called to inform me she didn't believe me and my ridiculous "wavy claims".

You don't believe me? YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME!?!?!

The proof is found in the fact that after I cooked (and ate) one of the richest dinners I have ever made (it involved homemade Alfredo sauce.....heavy cream, butter and TONS-O-PARMESAN) I was putting the leftovers away, grabbed a fork out of the drawer and helped myself to two more GIANT mouth fulls of cheesy rich goodness.

I told Katie Jean that Monday is the day I turn a new leaf.

Self control. I've got it


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mo.stoneskin said...

Self control is always easy to plan in for Monday, and if you don't feel like it on Monday you can always reschedule it for Tuesday for "personal reasons".