Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend randomness

The sun smiled down on my weekend...literally, I'm a lobster. But I'll take being a lobster over ghostly white any day.

Saturday night was funny, to say the least.


*Katie Jean pimping me out for free drinks.... "Hey Court...he already got me a drink so you need to go flirt with him this time."

*Looking over to see "Mommy-Stone" aka: Stone taking random photos of the festivities all the while my GIANT purse hanging from his shoulder. Apparently I was "that girl" who makes her man carry her bag for her. Sorry Buddy!

Sunday the Katies (Kitty and Katie Jean) and I sat in the yard, soaking up the rays watching the boys (Stone and Babs..Katie Jeans boy toy) stain our deck. For reasons unknown to me, Stone felt the need to complete this task shirtless. His back is now the color of a tomato and will burn your hand if you touch it.

note: We tried to get Babs to take his shirt off as well.....he passed.

Speaking of shirtlessness.....On Friday night we had the windows open and the fans on. It was a perfect warmish night. Here is a snip it of our convo whilst laying down for bed: (note: Stone usually sleeps in a t-shirt & shorts)

S: It's kind of warm up here.
C: No it's not. I think it feels great.
S: I'm gonna turn the fan up.
C: Nah. We'll get cold in the middle of the night if you do.
S: Fine. Then I'm bringin sexy back. (as he takes his shirt off and attempts to flex is chest "muscles")


On the way to work this morning I heard the news that we lost another Golden Girl....Bea Arthur died. When I sat down at my desk and flipped the radio on, the DJ was discussing her. A listener called in to request they play the Golden Girls theme song.

What do you think happened next?

You guessed it.......I shed a few tears

I need to get a grip....


mo.stoneskin said...

So what you're really trying to say is you are all lobsters?!

Saskia said...

MammaStone did good!! Mr B REFUSES to carry my bag, even bribery doesn't work.

I'm glad it was such great weather... I'd love to be able to soak up the sun :)

Saskia x