Wednesday, April 8, 2009

new clue

Stone got me (us) a new camera this past weekend. I'm pretty pumped about it.

I've been asking (bugging) him about it for a bit.

I love my "point and shoot" little digital camera, but I really wanted something that we could use for a long time and that would do a fine job in documenting our lives.

Essentially, I'm sick and tired of our photos either being washed out due to too much flash or a funny candid shot being missed because of the extreeeeeeme deeeeellllllaaaaaay of my "point and shoot".

So far I have just been taking random pictures of Matilda (got a great one of her in motion, mid-leap for her rubber fishy) and/or of things around the house. Case in point, the daffodils up top that mi Madre got me.

(She bought a bunch for me, my sister-in-law and Kitty last Saturday. Isn't she the best!)

note: I have no clue how to make the pictures bigger (when I load them on to my computer). ha! There is a software disk that came with the camera that I have yet to load on my computer...hopefully that and finishing up reading the manual will help me NOT remain clueless.


In an attempt to prove to Stone that if/when I am a stay at home mom I will have a thriving vegetable garden (I can't wait to yell, "Stone, can you grab me a pepper from the back yard?" hee hee!) I have purchased, potted and started loving (aka: watering) my very first tomato plant.

I had no clue there were so many varieties of tomatoes! Standing in the store looking at all the different types I zeroed in on the one we were to purchase.

It's a little variety called "Big Beef"...which I picked strictly because the name made me laugh.

To inform Stone that I had decided on the tomato plant for us I yelled out "BIG BEEF!!!!!!" in the middle of the store.

Sometimes I forget where I'm at......


Andrea said...

Good Choice! Big Beefs (said in a deep voice) are really good!

You failed to mention what type of camera you got!

Courtney said...

I did fail to mention what camera I got! haha!

I got a Nikon's big and slightly scary but I love it.