Thursday, April 23, 2009

NO thank you Giada....

I finally made the "Hibiscus Tea" I've been wanting to make.

Thanks for nothing Giada!....I got the recipe from Giada De Laurentiis (you know, of Food Network fame). While she was cooking it (in her awesome kitchen with her high class/quality cooking gear) it looked/sounded absolutely delicious. While I cooked it (in my teeny tiny kitchen with my "much loved" (aka: getting old and battered) cooking gear) it looked kind of sick.

Turns out the "tea" (in quotes because it is like Long Island Iced Tea...full-o-booze) is seriously sweet with a funky after taste. Not my cup of tea.

Moving on......

from this etsy shop

I think this is genius. If you have never seen it or don't know what it's a shopping cart cover. There is nothing that disgusts me more than to look over at the grocery store and see a little kid sucking on the grocery cart. UGH! It makes my skin crawl...those carts are Dirty (with a CAPITAL "D")!!!! Thank God it came out before I pop out a kid. If I didn't have access to something like this, my child would most certainly be bundled up in a bio-hazard suit for each trip to the store.

When I went shopping last night for my cousin's baby shower, I was happy to see she had registered for one of these . I purchased it. I can sleep soundly knowing I helped contribute to Baby Bella not getting some horrible sickness from a seedy shopping cart.

ps: Stone as a father is going to be hilarious (for many reasons). Last night, while shopping for the baby gift, I wondered over to the clothing section to grab a little outfit too. I spotted a sweet little pants-onesie-sweater outfit. "A cardigan??? She isn't even born yet and you are trying to make her a granny?" Stone said to me. I put that down and picked up a cute little sundress with teeny tiny leggins. "Nice...she'll be a hussy at the ripe old age of 3 months."

Oh Stone, you silly silly man! Looks like our child will be "that kid" who is always in just a diaper. ha!


Saskia said...

What a great invention!! I would never have even thought of it (please don't judge me... I'd never considered the grottyness of supermarket trolleys!!)

Love Stone's way of thinking... Mr B would say the same, ha!!

Have a great day xx

Jen said...

Oh that thing's awesome! Do you ever get the urge to buy baby things and just hide them in a box in the basement ... you know, in case it's not around in 3 years? I totally do, but I haven't given in just yet!

Rob said...

remind me of this post after you have a kid.. we too were as naive as you are.. I now laugh at those people (aka TP) who have the shopping cart covers.. you are probably one of TP who open the bathroom door with your foot.. if it weren't for people like you (aka PLY) I wouldn't have to worry about touching the handles in bathrooms.. but now PLY put you shoes on the handles after PLY have been walking around in piss on the floor.. Peering into the thoughts of PLY is so entertaining.. hence the reason it is 1:30am and I am reading your blog..