Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Saturday Katie Jean and I were sipping on Pomegranate Margaritas at a restaurant called Kincaid's.

(We also had Sweet Potato Fries and Seared Scallops wrapped in Salmon....every afternoon from 3-7pm they have half price drinks and appetizers.)

The bar had about 10-15 bar top tables, which after about an hour were all empty except for the one we occupied. It was then that two of the restaurant's managers sat down.....at a table (RIGHT NEXT TO US!) and proceeded to have a mock dining experience.

One of the servers came up, introduced himself, ASKED IF THEY HAD EVER BEEN TO THE RESTAURANT BEFORE (yes, this really happened), took their drink orders (mojito for one gent-pomegranate margarita for the other) and asked if they were interested in any appetizers. To this the two "customers" asked the server what he suggested. The server then went through a whole list of what he "loved", but in the end highly recommended the Teriyaki Beef Medallions.

The "customer's" drinks were brought out.....one was sent back. YES, they actually sent something back IN THEIR OWN RESTAURANT!!!!! They also complained that, among other things, the beef medallions were "a bit chewy".

(When I told my dad that one, he said the server should have suggested they take it up with his manager. ha!)

By this time Katie and I were 100% uncomfortable/unable to focus on our own conversation. We were openly staring at the awkwardness next to us.

The cherry on top to the absurd charade?....the server went so far as to tell the "customers" how happy he was that they came in and that he would be right back with their check.

I wonder if they tipped him.....

Un-related Sidenote:

I went to the dentist tonight.

I have officially become an anti-dentite.

No, I don't want to talk about it.

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Enginerd said...

1. that is hilarious.
2. i have repeatedly been postponing my dentist appt for the past 2 months because i dread it. but i need to go before the wedding. so april 23 is my 4th "attempt" at going. i feel you!