Thursday, April 2, 2009

calling names.....

Our local Humane Society names all of the puppies born in their facility. I'm sure they do this assuming the adoptive families will keep the puppy's name as is.

Not us.

When we got our little Matilda, we actually had our eye on another pup. Her name was Betsy. Upon arriving to the Humane Society and after a thorough wash of the hands/dipping of our shoes in bleach water (you gotta keep those pups free of germs!) we were taken back to where the puppies were kept.
Betsy was snuggled up in the arms of another......she was taken.

Stone and I walked around for a bit, checking out the other pups. We decided Betsy's brothers and sisters were by far the cutest dogs in town. I of course pointed at two little guys that were curled up next to each other napping.

C:"Stone, look how cute they are! What about one of those!?!?!!"
S:"No way man! Those dogs look half dead." (I know, a bit his defence his parents' puppy had just died from Parvo so he was hyper sensitive about lethargic pups)
C:"Well then YOU pick."
S:"What about that one" (pointing to a rather spunky pup, in fact the only puppy in the entire "puppy wing" that wasn't resting or sleeping. It was bouncing up and down attempting to climb out of the pen)
C:"You want that dog!?!?! That one right there? The spastic one?"
S:"Heck yeah!"

We called the worker over and pointed out the pup. The worker informed us her name was Bijou.

Bijou???....not a bad name, just not our future puppy's name

We had to come back the next day to actually complete the adoption. While filling out the paper work the young lady overseeing our adoption asked us if we were keeping the puppy's name as is.

C: "No. We are naming her Matilda."

Worker: "MATILDA!?!?!? That is the most hideous name ever."

I swear, it took all of my might not to climb over that desk and slap her. Nobody talks about MY dog like that!....THE NERVE!

Not to worry, I was able to get control over myself and not resort to violence. I did however give her the stink eye throughout the rest of our adoption proceedings.


Shout out to the birthday girl! Stone's mom, Sue. (she doesn't read this blog but totally still deserves b-day love!)

ALSO, I thought I would share a photo of the cute little diddy I found (or rather Katie Jean found) last Saturday. I think it actually would've been a crime to pass up.

Can't wait to bounce around town in this little's so flirty!!!!


Christy said...

adorable dress!

and i LOVE the name Matilda!

Saskia said...

Matilda is such a great name for her!! I love it.

I'm secretly relieved that Meisha came with her name. Our rabbit Benji on the other hand was named by Mr B's best friend Barry. Benji is a girl.


Have a lovely weekend!