Monday, April 20, 2009


note: this photo has nothing to do with this post. just a little snap from our Saturday night...pre drunk dial to the boss man

I go through phases of domesticness. (yes, it is a my book) Currently I'm feeling not so domestic.

I haven't tried a new recipe in far too long.

My home is definitely not as tidy as I would like.

The upstairs guest bedroom (aka: smallest room ever) has officially been transformed into my very own walk in closet. Although in no way shape or form is it organized....picture clothes scattered over the bed. All clean but most certainly not folded...anymore (due to me tossing them around daily in attempt to throw something fabulous together for work)

Today I told Kitty that was going to come home, take my nail polish off, make dinner, clean the bathrooms then repaint my nails.

Wanna know what I did?

Came home, finished my book club book (Sleeping Arrangements by Madeleine Wickham), ate dinner (that Stone cooked), finished another book I was almost done with then blogged.

What the hell woman!?!?!? I need to snap out of it and pull myself together!


clean bathrooms....ASAP

attempt to brew the "Hibiscus Tea" recipe I have been meaning to brew for two weeks

dust, dust, dust and dust some more

fold/hang clothes cluttering up the guest bedroom

There. Since I have listed these things here it will force me to get real and get moving! No slacking off now that the world wide web knows my bathrooms are dirty and my shelves dusty.

note: perhaps I will wear the new apron Katie Jean got me whilst in my state of domestic bliss???


mo.stoneskin said...

I love the fact that guests always end up stuffed in those tiny upstairs guest rooms. I wouldn't worry about guests seeing a dirty bathroom, if they've been cramped up in a tiny room they will just be relieved to be out!

Saskia said...

I've felt exactly like you recently...

I. can't. get. motivated.

At. All.

And I went to bed at 8:45pm last night to read rather than do anything useful!

Oh dear.