Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Asi Asi


That is how I feel about this movie. Not bad, not great, but definitely misrepresented in the previews. AKA: not as much of a comedy as I had expected.

If you get free passes (which we did....THANK YOU Katie Jean!) then I say "YES!" go see it. Otherwise, wait for DVD.


Friday night Kitty and I popped into our local 21st Amendment for a few Hefeweizens. The employees at this particular location are ID sticklers. Knowing this, I go ahead and pass my ID over before the gentleman asks for it.

FYI: My drivers license photo is not necessarily current. I have chin length blonde hair in it. (I currently have shoulder length brown hair-with an auburn tint-and Friday I wore it curly)

The employee looks from me to my ID, back to me then to my ID and then back to me.

Court: "It's me I promise"

Booze Man: "I don't know about this?????" (as he looks over to Kitty)

Kitty: "It really is her."

The employee looks at me then my ID then me then my ID. THEN he points at Kitty with my ID.....

Booze Man: "Well, you look trust worthy. I'll take your word for it."

Really???? The things I learn about myself from random liquor store employees!

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Saskia said...

Ha! How rude to imply you look dodgy!! I know you look trustworthy, he's obviously got a screw loose! I love your new profile pic by the way (have I already said that?!)

When are you going to Charleston? Road trips with the husbands are wonderful!

Saskia x

PS I'll write it here as I'm pretty sure my mother will never see this, but my surprise is that we're taking my mother & father to a posh hotel in London for afternoon tea in 2 weeks time, for my mum's 65th birthday!! It looks so nice there... I can't wait :)